We represent for you the import & distribution of the following products
AIRMASTER   swimming pool & industrial dehumidifiers
ASPEN PUMPS   condensate removal pumps
SICCOM PUMPS   condensate pumps
DIVERSITECH   condensate pumps and hvac accessories
BBJ / XTRA ACCESSOIRES   installation accessories
CAMPA   ray heating
COSDEP   air cleaners
EC-MOTORS   universal "multi-fit" motors
EKOTEZ   building dryers
EXPRESS   solding equipment
HAILEA CHILLERS   compact chillers/heaters
HITECSA   airco
ILP SUPPORT SYSTEMS   mounting systems
WHIRLPOOL   portable air conditioner
TECHNOLUX   portable air conditioner
RED ANT   bike cleaners
SHARP   air cleaners
SUPER SER   ray heating
THERMOR   heating panels
VENTILATION   domestic and industrial
AIR DUCTS / PLENUMS   Air ducts square and rectangular, plenums (insulated or non-insulated), ect.
XPELAIR   ventilation
ZENITHAIR   window units
DRL   radiant panels electric

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